backyard pond

4 May

This is a small pond (about 10′ X 15′) but it’s particularly nice  during the really hot days of July and August. For the past couple of years, I’ve had a problem with a slow leak in the waterfall and finally decided the only thing to do was take it apart and reline it. (When I say “I” I mean son Matt and grandson Jacob who did most of the heavy lifting.) Turns out a mole had tunneled under the waterfall, causing the stones to shift, ripping small holes in both liners. It’s back together again, although we’re still experimenting with the waterfall to get it just right. This was a good opportunity to thin out some of the water plants. I lost a couple of fish in the process, but the plants seems to be adjusting just fine.  I am a little concerned for the willow bush in back of the waterfall.  Without the leak, it will no longer be standing in wet ground all the time.


2 Responses to “backyard pond”

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