4 May

Peonies grow well here, but we get a lot of spring rain storms, often accompanied by high winds, so the flowers are as likely to end up on the ground as anywhere. Grow-through stakes help, but in this case I planted a variegated sedum to help prop up the plant.
When I bought this house, the yard outside the back door was shaded by a patio cover so it was more mud than grass. At one time, I put up a small wooden deck to keep the mud out of the house. Every spring I noticed a plant I thought was a peony growing out of the side of the deck. It never bloomed or grew very large but it came back year after year. Later, when I wanted to add a sunroom and put in a proper stone patio, the wooden deck came up. I traced the base of that plant back to its roots, which were four feet under the edge of the deck. I thought any plant that wanted to live that much deserved to be saved, so when the sunroom was finished I planted the peony right at the corner where I could see it out of the window. It’s never gotten very large or been a prolific bloomer but I don’t think I will ever get rid of it.


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