7 Jun

It’s very early, but the Santa Rosa plums are beginning to ripen. The tree is only 3 years old and the poor thing has been uprooted by storms and replanted twice. This year it was nearly blown over but not quite uprooted; the trunk is now nearly six inches across so I couldn’t get it quite upright. A couple of the branches hang much too low and will have to be cut off but I’m waiting for the fruit to ripen and I prefer to prune fruit trees in February when the sap is not running.  I put in two dwarf plums at the same time, thinking two would be needed to cross pollinate. The other tree is gorgeous, with bright green, waxy leaves and pretty blossoms in spring, but it’s already 20 feet tall. I wish it would bear just a little fruit so I can find out what it really is.  It’s very pretty, but I don’t think it’s a Santa Rose plum and it definitely is not a dwarf.


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