first tomato

22 Jun

It’s always exciting to see the first ripening tomato of the year; the trick is to get it ripe enough to pick before the squirrels get it. I’ve tried several type of supports for tomato plants. Cages are probably the easiest but they’re not very attractive. The plastic coils attached to a stake work pretty well and they’re a bit more attractive to look at. As the hot weather sets in, the trick will be to get enough water to the plants to keep them producing. I found these gadgets at Gardeners Supply, but I’m sure you can get them lots of places. They’re plastic cones with holes in them, threaded to fit soda bottles. Cut the bottom off the soda bottle and insert the cones into the soil. When you fill the bottle, water goes straight to the roots of the plant where it’s needed most.
I really like the idea of sustainable gardening–minimal use of chemicals and artificial watering as well as using one year’s crop to furnish plants for the next year. Most of the tomatoes are grown from cuttings of last year’s crop, kept alive over the winter in the sun room, except the two heritage varieties–Brandywine and Mr. Stripey–grown using seeds from last year’s crop.





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