green beans

22 Jun

It’s time to start harvesting green beans. That will be an almost daily activity for a while, as the beans continue to form for weeks. I can already taste one of my favorite lunches–salad nicoise. This is my first year for pole beans; usually I plant the bush type.  I’ve chosen the Blue Lake variety, which has long been my favorite of the bush-type beans. Any that I miss in my daily harvesting will get too tough to eat but they can be saved to provide seeds for next year’s crop, and the birds will enjoy the ones that are too high up for me to reach. I’m using poles because I hoped they would allow me to grow more plants in less space. If you’re considering growing pole beans, especially if you have little ones around, consider putting the poles at a slant and tying them together at the top.  Kids love to get inside the ‘teepee’ and “help” by picking the low-hanging beans.


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