22 Jun

Most herbs produce pretty, though small, flowers and are so attractive they almost belong in a flower bed rather than with the veggies. Sure, sweet basil is great in cooking but its bright green leaves and little white flowers are also very nice to look at. Purple basil is not, as far as I know, any good for cooking. Its main purpose is to add a bright decorative punch to the garden, and it does that very well. The chives bloomed as usual early this spring, with purple pom-pom-like flowers. They’re blooming again, white this time. I don’t recall that ever happening before. I don’t consider mint an herb so much as a nuisance because it spreads so rapidly. I didn’t plant this but I suspect it got here mixed in with the roots of the blue columbine, which was a gift from a friend’s garden.
The only thing yet to bloom is the Greek oregano, which normally doesn’t flower until late summer/early fall.  However, it already has flower buds so it looks as though that, like everything else, will be early this year.I’ve always thought I’d like an herb garden and have grown a variety of herbs with mixed success. However, I’ve cleared out a large bed that became unmanageable, transferring the flowers to two small beds. The area gets sun most of the day, so maybe it’s time to try again next year.




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