petunias – update

15 Jul

I featured these petunias in my very first post (April 11, 2012). They were notable because they had been planted the previous spring. Petunias shouldn’t live more than a year, especially not through one of our Midwest winters. They continue to thrive and at one point were growing about 14″ up the window. I could see from inside the house that some of the stems weren’t looking too healthy. The back of the plot is under the eaves, so it doesn’t get the same benefit from rain and sun as the plants in front. I cut off the weak stems in back and a few throughout the bed that weren’t looking so great. Some of my neighbors were horrified that I would cut such seemingly healthy plants. It’s hard for non-gardeners to understand that if you leave weak stems on a plant they weaken the whole plant. The flowers have since grown back and are once again nice and full, so full in fact that some are trailing on the sidewalk and are in danger of being stepped on. If they keep growing at this rate I’ll have to prune them again. Guess that means I’ll be in trouble with the neighbors again.


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