bluebeard – caryopteris

6 Sep

Fall-blooming shrubs are unusual, particularly blue flowering ones, making bluebeard a nice addition to the garden. The plant only grows 2′-3′ tall, so it’s easy to fit it in as a backdrop to most flower beds. It’s sometimes referred to as sage bush because its grey-green leaves resemble that herb, although they’re not related. This bluebeard was extremely stressed during the July heat wave and lost nearly all its leaves, but cooler weather and a couple of good rains have brought on new growth and a few small flowers. Bluebeard is one of those bushes that can be propagated by ground layering–bringing some of the stem in contact with the ground for a season. It’s a good idea to weight the branch with a brick or stone to keep it in the ground; another stone forced against the branch will encourage it to grow in an upright fashion.  By next spring, this stem should have formed its own root system. I should be able to cut it off the main plant and dig it up for replanting elsewhere.


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