23 Sep

It’s always a surprise to see the colchicum, which pops up overnight. Much like amaryllis belladonna, the plants send up leaves in early spring, in this case looking much like those of a large tulip, that wither away completely by early summer. The flowers, only 6″-8″ tall, are grown from bulbs (well, they’re really corms but that’s kind of a fine distinction) which are completely used up each year, but before that happens they usually manage to produce side bulbs that provide the flowers for the next year. I acquired the bulbs with an order of other plants–one of those “buy $xx.xx worth of plants and get six colchicum bulbs free” things and quickly discovered that squirrels consider them, like tulip bulbs, to be delicacies and don’t hesitate to dig them up. That’s why I have only two of the original half dozen bulbs left.  The squirrels haven’t touched those two bulbs, though, so hopefully I’ll continue to get the fall surprise of colchicum blossoms for many years.


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