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20 Dec

anthurium 004Today we’re having our first snow — just a light dusting, but temperatures are below freezing and winds are gusting at 40-50 mph.  At times like these, Midwestern gardeners must content themselves with flowers that bloom indoors.

Anthurium is one of those dependable, easy to care for plants that produce flowers sporadically throughout the year.   The flowers are the yellowish spike in the center of the colored leaf, or bract.  This one is small compared with many varieties, producing flowers that are seldom more than an inch or two  across, but a welcome sight on cold dreary winter days.

poinsettia – euphorbia pulcherrima

17 Dec

poinsettiaThe poinsettia is just beginning to flower (well, technically they’re bracts — colored leaves — the flowers are the little yellow buds in the center).  I’ve had conflicting advice about how to force poinsettia into bloom for Christmas.  Some say to put it in the dark and withhold water and food for a week; others say to alternate dark and light spells for about a month before repotting, giving full light, and feeding.  I already had repotted when I brought this one in from outside, so I just put it in the pantry for a few days to withhold light, then brought it out for a little extra food and water.  The green leaves have gotten larger and the red ones more numerous over the past few days, so I’m well pleased with its progress.