28 Jan

begonia 001

This begonia (I believe it belongs in the begonia category rhyzomatous), normally the first thing to come into bloom in the sunroom, is beginning to put out blossoms.  It would be a pretty plant even without flowers because of the nice round leaves, which are bright red on the back and almost glow when the sun comes directly through the windows.

begonia 008The flowers are small, less than 1/4″ across, so nobody would grow it for the flowers.   Because it regularly blooms so early, I think of it as a promise that Spring eventually will arrive.

I also have a standard rex begonia, grown strictly for the color patterns on the leaves.  Mine is a fairly unspectacular variety; many have brighter and more complex color variations.

begonia 013Begonias can be propagated by putting stem ends in soil and keeping moist, although the rooting process is slow compared with some other plants.


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