21 Feb

These are colorful house plants that often bloom in winter/early spring.  My Kalanchoes suffered when I put them outside last year — too much sun or too much spring rain, I don’t know which.   (These plants prefer indirect light and like to dry out between waterings.  Their thick, waxy leaves allow them to store water.)  At any rate, they lost most of theirs leaves and got very leggy.  To try to save them,  I cut off the healthy looking stems, treated them with rooting hormone, and put them in a small pot.

Kalanchoe beginning to bloom

Kalanchoe beginning to bloom

They seem to be doing well and have begun to bloom; a yellow and red variety are in the same pot.  Assuming these grow big enough to repot, I’ve learned my lesson and will keep them indoors.

Geraniums and begonias continue to bloom in the sunroom as well.    Forecasts today call for “thunder snows” and “thunder sleet”, whatever they are — I think I’m about to find out because snow has just begun to accumulate outside.   At times like these, early blooms in the sunroom remind me that spring is not too far away.  Hard to imagine that a week ago I was in shirt sleeves pruning fruit trees.






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