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daffodil – narcissus

24 Mar

The calendar might say it’s Spring, but the five inches or so of snow outside says ‘not yet’.  These daffodils, the first to open this Spring, have been struggling for more than a week but the below-freezing temperatures at night have kept them from opening fully.  crocus 002Only a couple of hours of warm inside temperatures in tepid water have brought them back to life.crocus 005

Luckily, I have lots more later-blooming varieties so there will be plenty of daffodils when Spring finally arrives.


lenten rose and crocus

11 Mar

I’ve been off-line for a few days with server issues but the early flowers have continued to show their faces.  Lenten Rose (helleborus), often the earliest flower in the garden, will not be stopped by a little snow.  It will continue to produce flowers throughout the Spring; its leaves stay green throughout the winter, only turning brown in Spring when they are replaced by new leaves.

HPIM0789The crocus is a perennial sign of Spring and always a welcome sight.




5 Mar


I’ve been out of town for a while so one of the first things I did when I got home (Mar.4)  was to check on the seedlings. It might be snowing outside but inside these little plants are looking a lot like Spring. This was the first year I tried using cardboard egg cartons for seedlings. I just punched holes in the bottom of each section and filled with soil. It seems to have worked very well.