pretty weeds

27 Apr

A weed generally is considered any plant that grows where it’s not wanted.  I’d expand that definition to say that a weed not only grows where it’s not wanted but also spreads so rapidly it chokes out whatever is meant to be growing there. You’ve probably noticed as you’re pulling weeds from flowers beds that many of these unwanted plants really are very pretty.  Some of these are from my garden, but I’ve noticed so many more around the neighborhood that I’ve begun taking my camera along when I walk the dog each morning.   (My next-door neighbor probably is used to seeing me down on the ground or up on a ladder to get a good picture of plants, but now the whole neighborhood has reason to question my sanity.)  I’m not suggesting you let the weeds grow in with your flowers, just that before you yank them out you take a good, close look.  (If you’d like a ground-level view, click on a picture to enlarge it or play the picture gallery as a slide show.)


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