privet – ligustrum

28 May

Privets are nearly bullet-proof, not bothered by most bugs, poor soil, drought, etc.  They’re often used to form hedges and clipped to round or square shapes, which seems a shame to me because left to their own devises they have a graceful, arching growth pattern.  Owners of densely clipped privets often miss out on the flowers, which in some varieties have a clean, almost lilac aroma.    This standard green privet is nearly 15′ tall, which makes it useful as a screen of the neighbor’s yard and as a nice backdrop for an otherwise ordinary rose bush.privet13 001A few golden privets in the front garden are primarily used to set off the red azaleas (no longer in bloom) but are striking in their own right.privet13 003The flowers are not obvious, being the same color as the leaves, but are worth a close look.privet13 002


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