take a break

12 Jul

One of the mistakes I made when I first started gardening a dozen or so years ago was that, although I could picture the garden as I wanted it to become, I tended to see only the work that would be needed to get it there.  By the second or third year, I realized that what was supposed to be a hobby had turned into a chore.  One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is to enjoy the garden as it is.  There’s always more work to do, but I no longer look at the garden and see only the weeds that need pulling or the shrubs that need trimming.  I’ve become a firm believer in having somewhere to sit and enjoy the garden and, since my garden is set up with lots of structures and winding paths — making it impossible to see the whole garden from one spot — I have lots of resting areas.  Click on any picture and let the arrows take you to the places in the garden I like to sit and enjoy the view.


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