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passion flower – passiflora

25 Aug

yellowdaisy 002Passion flower vines are late to green up — sometimes as late as July — and late to bloom.  Although they will climb trellises, they tend to wander at will and probably are best along fences.  The flowers are not easily seen, often buried among the foliage, and must be viewed closely to appreciate their complexity.

rudbeckia nitida

22 Aug

yellowdaisy 002The garden definitely is slowing down, but every once in a while something new opens to remind us that the season isn’t over yet.  This is a variation of the Black-eyed Susan but with a green center – cousin to the cone flower.


angel’s trumpet – datura

12 Aug

angelstrumpet 013angelstrumpet 011I’ve been watching the Angel’s Trumpet form buds for the past couple of days and finally last night it began opening.  This is a tropical plant but easily grown in this zone from seed each year.  It’s large flowers (about 10″ long and 4″ across) make for a pretty spectacular plant, which by summer’s end will be the size of a small shrub.angelstrumpet 012

surprise lily – amaryllis belladonna

7 Aug

surpriselily2013 005Surprise lilies are beginning to open throughout the garden.  These come up as clusters of strap-like leaves, about 15″ long, each Spring.  They die back completely by late Spring and it’s easy to forget they’re there.  In late Summer, long (15″-24″) stems emerge with circles of pink lilies.  Also called Resurrection Lilies, Painted Ladies, Naked Ladies, and a variety of other names, they’re a nice late Summer surprises in any garden.  surpriselily2013 007Be sure to plant them among other flowers.  Otherwise, when the leaves die back you’ll be left with a bare patch for most of the season.

bee balm – monarda

4 Aug

beebalm2013 016Bee balm has been attracting both bees and hummingbirds.  These are in a spot that’s not quite sunny enough and the stems have bent over nearly to the ground trying to get to a sunnier part of the bed.  That means they’ll have to be moved–again.  I’m bound to find the right location eventually.

beebalm2013 011

butterfly bushes – buddleia

4 Aug

buttterflybush2013 004butterflybush2013 017butterflybush2013 019Butterfly bushes are late starters – late to green up and late to bloom.  But that makes them welcome additions to the garden when many other flowers have begun to move past their prime.