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butterfly bushes – buddleia

4 Aug

buttterflybush2013 004butterflybush2013 017butterflybush2013 019Butterfly bushes are late starters – late to green up and late to bloom.  But that makes them welcome additions to the garden when many other flowers have begun to move past their prime.

white butterfly bush

12 Jul

This one lives in a row of shrubs on the north side of the back yard. Other shrubs around it had grown so large they were blocking the sunlight. In an attempt to get to the light, this bush was growing sideways, almost parallel to the ground. Early this spring I cut it back to the base and raised the canopy of the shrubs around it by trimming away low hanging limbs to let in more light. It seems to have worked because the bush has come back and is (almost) completely upright.

butterfly bush

16 Jun

As the name implies, butterflies like this plant. This bush lives at the southwest corner of the house, behind a dogwood tree. The idea was to have something in bloom after the dogwood and azaleas were finished. If I had it to over again, I would plant a white-flowered bush. The lesson I’ve learned the hard way is that white and hot colors (red, yellow, orange) show up better from a distance than blues and pastels. Butterfly bushes can grow to 15 feet or taller, but I find it a good idea to knock them back to about 2′-3′ in the spring. It makes them more full, and very long stems get woody and can break off easily in one of our heavy rains. The flowers open from the base to the tip. To extend the blooming season, snip off dead flowers which will encourage two new blossoms to form where the old one was cut off.