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joe pye weed

22 Sep

joepyeweed 004Joe Pye Weed is just about the last of the flowers to come into bloom in the garden.  By the time the flowers open the leaves have lost nearly all of their purple color from earlier in the year — the purple color is seen only in this variety which is called Chocolate Joe Pye Weed.  joepyeweed 003Leaf color is the primary reason I grow this flower; the blossoms themselves are unspectacular.

It might be appropriate that I end this blog on the last flowers of the season.  I’ve recently bought an old (c.1858) house in Maeystown, IL and will be spending the winter refurbishing that.  I’ve already begun dividing some of the plants from this garden as I’ll be starting from a blank slate at the new place.   Maybe I’ll begin blogging again when I have something to show there.  In the meantime, thanks for visiting my garden and best of luck with yours.

joe-pye weed – eupatorium

10 Sep

A large, bushy flower, the most common cultivar is eutrochium (green leaves, pink flowers). This version has white flowers and bronze-colored leaves, thus the nickname chocolate joe-pye weed. I like this type because the colored leaves make it interesting throughout the season, even when it’s not yet in bloom. It grows about 24′” tall, making it a good back-of-the-bed plant. Ideally, it likes a part-sun location. This bed gets a fair amount of afternoon sun, but the plant held up well even during the July heat wave.