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lemon balm

25 Jul

besusanetal 009Lemon balm has insignificant flowers but a heady lemon scent, especially when the leaves are nicked by a besusanetal 016passing lawn mower.

I usually let a few plants grow long, like these next to an old whiskey barrel planter.besusanetal 010

But the plants surrounding the gazebo are trimmed regularly.  Trimming inhibits the forming of flowers but helps keep the lemon balm from growing too large and covering everything around it.

lemon balm

20 Jun

Not very impressive as flowers go, lemon balm is grown for the strong lemon smell that occurs when a leaf is torn. I have this planted all around the gazebo and usually manage to nick a few leaves when I mow the lawn, releasing a great lemon smell into the air. Be warned that lemon balm is an aggressive grower and, once planted, will tend to pop up everywhere. The plants also can grow so tall that they flop over, choking out whatever is planted next to them. To control their spread, I usually cut back the plants around the gazebo to about 12″ every month or so during the summer.