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bee balm – monarda

4 Aug

beebalm2013 016Bee balm has been attracting both bees and hummingbirds.  These are in a spot that’s not quite sunny enough and the stems have bent over nearly to the ground trying to get to a sunnier part of the bed.  That means they’ll have to be moved–again.  I’m bound to find the right location eventually.

beebalm2013 011

bee balm – monarda

10 Jul

As the name implies, bees (and hummingbirds) like this plant, making it a valuable addition to the garden. Most commonly red, bee balm comes in many shades of red and pink as well as lavender, like this one. The plant is only supposed to grow 3′-4′ tall, but when planted in full sun this one grew to six feet. When the flowers opened, they were so much taller than I am that I couldn’t see the blossoms, so I moved them to a spot near the house, where they only get sun for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. That kept them smaller so I can see when they’re blooming, and the bees don’t seem to mind.