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30 Apr

These bushes are growing on the west side of the patio. The blooms aren’t very impressive, but the real reason to have itea is that the leaves turn red in the fall and hang on the plants for several weeks. Nice to have a splash of color at a time when much of the garden is just about bloomed out.


23 Apr

A few years ago I picked up some thornless blackberry plants at a local garden club plant sale. They didn’t do well and I pretty much forgot about them until I was clearing the area to replace the old, worn out privacy fence with a new, open wire fence. They’ve recently begun to put out blossoms–they must like the extra light. The birds probably will get any fruit that develops before I ever get any, but it’s nice to see the plants doing well.

hosta – plantain lily

20 Apr

I think this golden plantain lily (just a hosta but with a slightly more upright growing habit) is striking; it almost looks like it’s reflecting the sun.

hosta – Angels feathers

20 Apr

I have hostas in several locations throughout the garden and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but this one would have to be in the top five. It’s not large; in fact, it’s fairly low growing and compact, but I love the play of colors.


20 Apr

Every spring I look at this bare patch in back of the garage and think I need to do something with it. Then the hostas start to emerge and I decide anything more than these beautiful leaves would be too much.

first rose

17 Apr

Roses aren’t really my forte but I added a row of red Knockouts among the euphorbia that lines the front walkway. Despite last summer’s terrible heat and dry spells, they’ve all come back. Looking forward to seeing them all in bloom and seeing how well they hold up this year.

Charlie’s garden spot

17 Apr

This little bed in the front yard is Charlie's favorite spot. He can keep an eye out for anyone passing by and, when nothing's going on, the leaves of the Catalpa tree make it a nice, shady spot for napping.

white clematis

16 Apr

The flowers aren’t large as usual (about 4″ across vs the usual 5″-6″) but after last summer’s heat wave I wasn’t even sure it would come back.


16 Apr


This weigela grows along the east side of the house. I love the variegated variety because the leaves are interesting even when it is no longer blooming.


15 Apr

I walked out to the back garden this morning (4/15) to find the iris are beginning to bloom. I have iris all over the garden in lots of colors and varieties, but I think the old-fashioned purple is my favorite.